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Loson Sdaniel is a Europe-style brand which specialized in technical research & development,product design, production and sales of hydrogen water.
The primary R&D center locates at Taiwan and production in Qingyuan city,the backyard of Guangzhou.
Sales network mainly distributes to Australia,America,the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore,Taiwan, Malaysia,Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, Finland, Denmark, India, Algeria, Dubai and the mainland of China.

Loson Sdaniel commits itself to R&D and design of fashionable products, which mix fashion and classic,unique and elegance.The striking contrast of style accomplish irresistible artistic fascination.
Follow the step of fashion and freedom,strive to make every product to be a work of art,be different and unique,making you feel it a healthy  product when using and a work of art when laying out. 

Hydrogen Water Principle

Main Products

Loson Sdaniel is committed to the development and design of fashion products. The products combine fashion and classic,
unique and elegant, contrasting styles. It is an irresistible artistic charm.

  • Q Hydrogen ion mask

    A Designed according to the principle of human upper respiratory。To have the consumer enjoyed purified hydrogen ion,concerning the design of the mask,we adhere to the concept of low key, extravagant and fix the technology together with the art perfectly.
  • Q Mask stainless steel tube

    A 304 stainless steel mask tank of exclusive patent with more than 1000 holes whose distance and arrangement is calculated strictly and scientifically.It makes the hydrogen ion go into the mask tank freely.
  • Q How the hydrogen water is absorbed and used by human body?

    A Hydrogen gas is hydrogen molecule in other word.It’s the smallest molecule in the universe,with strong penetrability.It can enter into any organ,tissue,cell,mitochondrion and cell nucleus of human body through skin,mucous membrane dispersion.Hydrogen gas dissolved in water is readily absorbed and used by human body.
  • Q What’s the action mechanism of hydrogen gas?

    A It’s verified by the professor Shigeo Ohta from Japan Medical University that Hydrogen gas has the ideal effect of selective anti-oxidation.It can selectively and efficiently scavenge the cell toxic radical which is the root of all the diseases and aging.At the meantime it realize the internal environmental balance,start and motivate the self-healing mechanism,all kinds of sub-health and chronic disease will recover little by little. 
  • Q What’s the benefit of hydrogen water to human body?

    A The hydrogen water can provide comprehensive anti-oxidation protection for human body,in the form of metabolic function repair,immunity adjustment,inflammation elimination,allergic constitution improvement,cell mutation prevention,tissue repair promotion,anti-aging,beauty maintaining,young keeping etc.

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